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About Compound Boost 


My name is John Reed

My photography career started when I was a Uber Driver....

During my 10-20 minute rides I found that was the best time to connect and meet new people in a relaxed and comfortable manor.

The number one question I would get as a driver was "what do you do for a living?". My response use to be telling people the name of my full-time employer.


I learned from a Photographer and Uber driver named Calvin Hill that this was the best time to be meeting new clientele for your Business. Calvin  showed me that he used Uber to DRIVE his photography business by meeting people  who actually wanted to talk to him. 

 I then also followed suit and used Uber Driving as a vehicle to meet people who could be interested in photography services.

My first 10-20 shoots were all automotive shoots because that was something I had experience with prior to buying my first Sony DSLR . After doing a lot of automotive shoots I started to do food photography  which is my number one passion in photography and requested service . In 2020 during the start of COVID-19 was when I started getting request and doing Real Estate Photography(what a unique time to start).

I'm first and foremost a business photographer. This means the content we create together will help you sell your product and advertise it in a new light that will engage your audience and keep them coming back. I look forward first to getting to know you and then learning how together we can make images that sell themselves.

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